Gustavo Semidey

Licensed Real Estate Associate

I decided to join Metro Homes DMV and the real estate industry because of the impact each transaction can have. I enjoy business because of the day to day interactions that I have with people, the back and forth of closing a hard worked negotiation, and the satisfaction that comes with that. The real estate industry gives me the opportunity of doing the same things I have done in my professional past but it allows me to be a part of a very special decision, the creation of a home or business.

For many the purchase of a home or a business property is a significant impact for an individual. It is the beginning of a new chapter for many. My goal is to be a part of that impact by providing sound service and an unforgettable partnership. Looking for a home or business locale should be a fun and exciting experience something that you can look forward to, this is your future and what better way to look for a new home or business locale than by enjoying the process.

The ability to create a partnership and long standing relationship with anyone that I work with is the reason that I enjoy business and the real estate industry.

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