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7 Reasons Why Your Home Isn’t Selling

Why do some homes fail to sell?

Here are seven main reasons:

1. Availability. Serious buyers often make decisions on a home on their first trip, so if there’s a tenant in the unit, animals present, or the showing goes poorly for any number of reasons, your home could get passed by.

2. Condition. If your home doesn’t outshine the competition from curb appeal to the closets being neat, from roof to floor, it’ll hurt your house’s chances to shine.

3. Photography. You only get one chance to make a first impression. These days, your first showing will be on the Internet. Both agents and buyers will judge whether they even want to see your home based on the initial online photos. These should be crisp and professional. All the best selling features should be described and shown. With smart phones having exceptional quality on photos, using poor quality images on a sale listing is a sign your agent may be cutting corners.

4. Price. Overpriced homes get passed by. The house doesn’t have to be the cheapest, but it does have to offer value. Competively priced homes, always sell quicker than those that are peaking right near the maximum appraised value.

5. Your agent. The agent you choose does pay off.  Their marketing skills and ability to create interest is crucial. They should be able to take a showing that results in an offer to a sale, if they have sharpened negotiation skills.

6. Commission. You get what you pay for. Reducing the commission will narrow the number of agents who will be interested in your home. Just because an agent agrees to a lower commission doesn’t mean the agents who have the buyers are willing to do the same.

7. Marketing. Some agents are passive and sit and wait. Some agents are proactive and have a targeted marketing plan for how to find the right buyers.Compare their online activity, look at their ads for current or past listings. Check to see how prolific they are with various media platforms, and always ask to see what their marketing budget will include for your property.

Although, these reasons listed here are not exclusive, but they are seven of the top common reasons that a property doesn’t sell. If your home isn’t selling or you have any questions about selling a home in the D.C., Maryland, Virginia Metro market, contact us at METRO HOMES DMV.  We have the experience, and are ready to help you sell your property.

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